Training Tips For Bodybuilders With Weak Lower Lats

When bodybuilders start to reach the heights of competition at a state level, in which every competitor on the stage has worked towards perfecting their body by way of training, supplementation, and diet, the competitions will be won by the physique standing on the stage that has the smallest number of structural flaws. As a result of this fact, it is considered very important that training protocols be customized to target any muscle group that might be perceived as weak to the overall body structure. It is necessary to practice specific exercises that will hit specific muscle groups; this will help define the muscles that could cause a negative perception of weaknesses to a tough judge that is an expert at finding flaws.

There are a lot of bodybuilders (specifically ones with an ectomorph body type) that are afflicted with “high lats”. This is a condition where their back muscles, known as latissimus, are attached in their back at a higher position then wanted by a bodybuilder. It is possible that this can provide a better accentuation on a small waist, but most of the time it greatly limits the look of width that bodybuilders want to project, this will often result in a lower score where the points go to the other bodybuilders who have a wider appearance.

Bodybuilders are able to target their lower lats by using many techniques. Many have found it beneficial to switch to using a wide grip on pulldown movements. Many now train much slower and try to focus mentally on the group they are trying to hit. It really helps to keep the back completely vertical while moving, this will assist with keeping the upper-back out of the movement, which will make targeting the lower back much easier. Carefully selecting your exercises will also really help towards correcting high lats. Some of these exercises include dead lifts, close grip cable rowing, t-bar and dumbbell freeweight rows, and lat pull downs, these are excellent for defining the lower lats.

There are some bodybuilders who have had experience with shows and competitions that find it helpful to perform site injections which cause a slight amount of swelling in the lower lat area which in turn makes the muscle group look far more massive. This technique is pretty common practice amongst top-level bodybuilders; this is because any noticeable weakness will possibly result in a bodybuilder not placing in the money. Due to the dangerous nature of performing these injections, infections usually occur. Many bodybuilders think this is an important aspect, but they should try to avoid injections like this and instead concentrate on perfecting more important aspects, such as their nutrition, training, and posing routines.

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