March is Colon Cancer Awareness and Nutrition Month

People need to be educated with the right kind of diet and nutrition. Sure, binging out and giving in to temptation can be quite satisfying, but you have to realize that prevention is still better than the cure. If you look further into the statistical findings, countries whose diets are composed mainly of fruits and vegetables have a much lower number of colon cancer victims. This is why doctors are now urging everyone to change their lifestyle.

Gain Knowledge

The general public isn’t very aware of the connection between diet and colon cancer. In fact, most make the assumption the cancer is genetic. However, westerners can prove to you that this notion is far from correct. Fortunately, several groups of proactive individuals are now working hard to increase awareness. Thus, March has been touted as the Colon Cancer Awareness Month.

In order to increase awareness and gain interest, people are encouraged to wear the ribbon. Two colors are often associated with colon cancer: topaz and blue. However, color can also vary from one person to the next as this can also depend on personal preferences. The point here is more than just knowing which color is most suitable, it’s the fact that everyone needs to value their health by knowing which foods are best for colon nutrition.

Colon Cancer Prevention

Remember when your mom used to nag you about eating your vegetables? Well, she certainly had a point. Here’s an alarming fact you need to know about: 1 in 15 men and 1 in 19 women die from colon cancer each year. The figures are extremely high, which is why people need to stay away from products that contain too many artificial ingredients.

Mother Nature has already supplied you with everything you need to stay health and strong. Increase your lifespan by enjoying the fruits of nature. Sure, changing your diet is easier said than done. How are you supposed to resist these treats when they’re all over? It’s not about complete deprivation. It’s more about changing what you eat on a day-to-day basis. You’ll see how much better you’ll feel in the long run as well.

More importantly, it’s about teaching the future generation to appreciate what’s healthy. Sufferers from colon cancer have realized the grave mistake they’ve committed. Make the shift now while it’s still early. Know more about colon nutrition and the many ways it can improve your wellbeing.

I am Vaileria Sed. I have done Ph.D. in human biology and helping clients with colon health problems since more than 10 years. Love to write and discuss about colon health issues and concerns. I have written numerous articles and blog on colon health and issues like: Colon Cancer, Colon Nutrition, Colon Constipation, Colon Irrigation etc. You can read this detailed how to reduce colon cancer risk with high fiber foods for your colon problem.