Health & Fitness – The August 2014 Issue!

An exclusive magazine for women who want a healthier and fit lifestyle, Health & Fitness features various articles that encourage women to eat healthier and exercise right. The August – Summer issue of Health & Fitness is the ultimate guide to get the maximum out of the sunshine season. Find out how to look your best at the beach.

For those looking to slim down fast and firm your body – The Heath & Fitness August issue has the best solutions for you. These workouts promise to reduce your excess overall fat and to tone your body so it becomes beach ready. A daily workout routine for only a few minutes, use these moves with the required diet to get maximum results.

Belly fat is most adamant, appearing easily but takes a very long time to dissolve. This excellent diet from Heath & Fitness keeps the fat off your stomach region and when paired with core exercises, help you reduce the stubborn tummy easily. Want to look super-hot in your new bikini? Use 4 magic to get there!

For those who hate the gym and love the great outdoors, the new UK workout regime is tailored just for you. Cross-fitness is trending all around the world, making it the hottest in town. aPut on your tracks and get ready to start this fun regime. For the ones who love to walk – Also learn to burn up to 400 calories every day by walking.

Feeling lazy to cook?These easy to whip up recipes show you how to preserve all the nutrition and are delicious to eat. Read up on the 6 new remedies for jet-lag and cure yourself from the time zone confusion in no time.

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