Does Your Diet and Nutrition Affect Your Health?

Does your diet and nutrition have an impact on your overall health?

The answer is “yes and more than you would imagine”. The science of nutrition is rapidly evolving and scientists are finding even more links to diet and overall health. Several studies are showing that poor nutrition contributes to and will worsen many types of diseases and that a healthy diet can prevent or reduce symptoms of these diseases.

What does this mean for you?

You Can Change Your Lifestyle

Your diet and nutrition have a huge impact on your health and this is good news. Why? The impact of diet and nutrition on your health is a good thing because you have total control over your diet and so you have the power to improve your health if you want to. Although your poor diet and nutrition might increase your risk for certain disorders, eating good foods may improve your health.

Keep in mind that a healthy diet is not something that you stick to for a week or so and then go back to eating junk food. A healthy diet means improving your overall lifestyle in a way that you are able to maintain for the long term. If you can develop healthy eating habits that you can stick to for the long term this is when you will start to see the lasting effects of your lifestyle changes on your health.

Preventing Diseases

Several studies have shown that a healthy diet can actually help to prevent cancer and that nearly 60% of all cancer cases are related to diet. Eating healthy food will also help you maintain a healthy body weight and obesity increases the risk of many conditions including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, stroke and sleep apnoea.

If you already are suffering from a health condition, improving your diet can help to reduce the symptoms and speed your recovery. Diet and nutrition can have a great effect on your health, so think about the food that you put in your body every day and whether or not it is nourishing you in the best way possible.

Are diet and nutrition important factors in your health? They certainly are! By changing your diet you can improve your health in many ways.

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